People Skills

Communicate Better: Three Steps To Be A Top Communicator

Practice. There is no other way to communicate better.

The question then becomes, practice what? The three things one ought to do to be a better communicator are:

  1. Ask open ended questions: A yes/no question will lead to a yes/no answer. Ask questions that gets people to tell you what they think and feel about something.
  2. Understand: This means, actively listen to what the other person is saying. Don’t worry about responding. Just listen, and make the speaker aware that you are listening: Head nods, eye contact, mental notes all work, use them sparingly but use them!
  3. Replay: Re-iterate what someone just told you. With emphasis on what was new information to you in that conversation. “Oh , by re-iterating, I can make people feel like I’ve understood and listened to what they’ve said!”

There is no rocket science.

If you want to improve this about your skills, call or walk up to a person – your family, friends, a colleague, some stranger – and apply these techniques every single day.

Incidentally, if you’re talking about communicating by speaking better rather than being understood – then stand in front of a mirror and say something. anything that comes to your mind. Look at your expressions, your tone, your enunciation. It’ll feel awkard at first, but you may get a better sense of what people see when they look at you.

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