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My Biggest Fear With My New Book (& What it has to do with a Growth Mindset)

Some of you that follow me on my blog or social media know that my book was recently released in the US and Europe.

I am stoked that we were able to write, publish and release the book before schedule. Three days before schedule.

The Official Page of the new book The Things We Don't Know by Tarun Betala - Available with major retailers woldlwide

It has, obviously, been a challenging time for the last few months with some sixteen hour days, and not without a lot of support from my family and friends.

My wife, especially, has been instrumental in not only giving me the support and the time that a job like this demands, but she also made sure that I didn’t make any stupid errors by overlooking the little details.

Her attention to detail is truly splendid, while mine is… questionable.

That being said, since the book is now released, it is now out there in the open. For everyone to read and to comment and to think about and hopefully to gain perspective from it.

My biggest fear is not that people may be critical towards my work. I find solace in that I’ve written a work that I would like to read, and would like to share with the world.

A part of creating art is making yourself vulnerable. So when positive reviews come in, that’s great. When critical reviews come in, that’s great too. Having a “growth mindset” would mean that every interaction is a chance to learn and to grow.

My biggest fear is that I made a stupid, silly, glowing-in-my-face error that I could so easily have caught. But it’s out there, and just seeing something I’ve created out there is exhilarating.

It has been a fantastical, and almost unbelievably magical time.

PS. If you haven’t watched the trailer, here it is.

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