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Oh, Rains, How I Love Thee

mumbai rains

The sky is grey these days, and I see very little of the sun. The past week or so have been the same – morning schedules, trying to eat right, rushing from one thing to another and ending the day with a little bit of reading.

The funny thing is – I actually do enjoy the rains. As I was rushing from one appointment to another, trying to check off whatever I could on my to-do list, I saw, for the first time in quite a while and thought to myself ‘This is a very beautiful day’.

There is some beauty in the grey-ness, the sameness around. It’s almost poetic, and it helps me focus on my thoughts alone. There isn’t much else going on around me when everything is so grey. You can’t go out because it’s raining. You don’t want to.

It makes me want to sit by the window, put on some Jazz and watch the drops fall on the ground. It helps that some of my best childhood memories were made during the monsoons: Playing on the beach in the rain (That’s a thing in India), listening to some of the most inspired love songs, eating samosas and masala chai on the streets of Bombay.

That is perhaps it – it reminds me of my childhood. It reminds me of a time when my wants were simpler and the things I wanted to do were more direct and I did them because I didn’t have any limitations imposed on my (by myself or another).

I don’t think I’ve stopped and thought that for a while now and it felt quite good. I hope more of these days are around the corner, and until then – I’ll keep doing what I’m doing. Running from one errand to the next, busying myself in the daily bustle of existence.

Oh, the rains, how I love thee.

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