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Passion: Did you give it your very best?

How many conversations have you had about Passion?

Most of life is about reflection and to ask oneself whether one is living the best possible life.

So many people continue to reevaluate, turning away from job opportunities that are prestigious but not courageous, making families out of friends and neighbors, buying less, giving away more, sharing and renting rather than owning, reinventing rituals and ritualizing reinvention. So many people are looking compassionately and critically at their own parents’ lives and choosing to do things differently, sometimes even reclaiming edifying, abandoned elements of their grandparents’ lives. ~ The New Better Off by Courtney Martin

It is easy to leave your job or the things that bind us by thinking that they are limiting. But these same things, in some way or another keep us grounded.

It is great to read that our parents and those who came before us did so much to make our lives simpler. They worked hard doing things they didn’t want to, so we could work hard doing things that we want.

These days, everyone talks about passion. What is it that makes us tick? In this world of constant buzz of passion, there is something to be said about having the courage to stick to something even when you don’t enjoy it.

It is possible that we are too impatient, too thoughtless, too narrrow-minded. We don’t give something enough time and understanding to make it worthwhile because it’s not instantaneous. How can one know if something is worthwhile or not if one doesn’t give it enough time and attention?

When times get tough, many quit. “Passion” is not about the moments when you’re energized because the work is invigorating. It is about the moments when you don’t feel like doing it, and yet, you just do.

Stick to something, stick though the thick and the thin, ride the waves – make something happen – whatever that something is. 

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