Where Can I Get A Copy Of The Book? (Partial List)

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Since there are so many places where the book is available, it is getting hard to keep track of the list. A partial list of the places where you can buy my new book follows:

  1. Amazon (Worldwide)
  2. Amazon India
  3. Flipkart
  4. Barnes & Noble
  5. iBooks
  6. Book Depository
  7. Kobo
  8. Smashwords
  9. Goodreads (Go to Stores Button)
  10. Or of course, you can buy the book directly on this website as well (with 25% off till end of September!)

Book Description:

6000 years. Six Civilizations. One Ultimate Goal.

From a letter, we wrote a word, then came sentences, books, epics. We asked questions that propelled the formulation of the sciences, the arts, our culture, and our philosophies. All that we know and love today was built by one daring life at a time over six thousand years.

Part historic, part scientific, and part philosophical, Tarun Betala meshes together an eclectic account of humanity’s greatest intellectual, scientific and artistic achievements, all motivated by the need to answer some of life’s most fundamental questions: Who are we? What is the purpose of life? Who is God? What is our universe?

The Things We Don’t Know is the amazing story of the grit of Mankind: the story of winning at life against all odds, the story that reminds us that all of us are one in our search for the answers that haunt and drive us.

Book 1 of A Shared Human Future series.

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Or choose from your favorite retailer:

The Things We Don't Know is Available on Amazon - New Book Release on Amazon  The Things We Don't Know is available on iBooks - Apple iBooks new book release  The Things We Don't Know by Tarun Betala is Available on Barnes and Noble - New Book Release on Barnes and Noble  The Things We Don't Know by Tarun Betala is available on Kobo - Buy New book at Kobo The Things We Don't Know by Tarun Betala is on Goodreads - Add new book to goodreads

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More Details of ‘The Things We Don’t Know‘:

The Things We Don't Know - New Book - Non-Fiction - History Books - Tarun Betala  

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