What is the worst way to die?

The act of dying itself gives our lives meaning.

It is because we die that we live.

To die means to embrace our humanity, so there is no bad way to die.

But there are bad ways to live, that make ones death preferable to his life.

Living as if one knows everything is a bad way to live.

Living to oppress, to terrify, to make other lives miserable is a terrible way to live.

When we live as if we, and only we, know what is right, we live a terrible life.

We live an arrogant life when we believe too strongly in any ideology.

We only truly live when we understand that we aren’t invincible.

But we die in every moment we lose the sense of wonder, when we forget the beauty that life brings to us, when we make others feel like they don’t mean a thing.

The worst way to die, is actually the worst way to live.

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